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Who is StepCraft Nigeria?

StepCraft Nigeria is a full-service public relations and communications agency that focuses on Corporate/Brand PR, Consumer PR, Financial/Investor PR, and Technology PR. Our services are based on a strong belief that identifies reputation as one of the significant area of focus for business and individuals; and we are committed to Crafting a Step-by-Step approach in providing solution that ensures competitive advantage in the market place. Backed with cumulative experience spanning over thirty years, StepCraft boosts of professionals with experience in journalism, advertising, media management, creative design and public relations

We have vast knowledge of the media industry and warm relationship with key media players in both local and international media. Apart from serving as source of newsworthy information to the media, we provide value-added service through a strategy of bonding regularly with media contacts, which enables us to achieve maximum deliverable and media exposure for our clients. We have records of performance in the implementation of creative media campaign with strong planning and negotiation skills.